Ranjha Ranjha (Kudle Sunrise mix)

Based on the poetry of 17th century Punjabi mystic Bulleh Shah.
Sung by Sandeep Srivastav and Gayatri Lalunwalkar.
Re-created from the original recording from on the album ‘Mystic Poets of India’.
Composed Fordham/Srivastav, lyrics trad.

The Punjabi folk tale of the love affair between Dhido-Ranjha and the high-caste woman Heer,
given a Sufi twist. Heer’s total identification with her beloved mirrors a devotee’s love of God.
Sado ni ME’n no Dhido-Ranjha, Mano Heer Na Akho Koi
O call me ye all “Dhido-Ranjha! Let no-one call me Heer.
Patiyan likhan main shaam nu, mohe piya nazar na aave
Evenings, I write letters to my beloved as I can’t see him.